STi Maintenance Schedule

STi Maintenance Schedule

You know the phrase “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? Well, that saying, of course, has no place here. As you know, as time passes, your STi needs to be serviced. Keeping an eye on it periodically is a given. But, knowing when to check or replace something (or some things rather) is another thing. Your car owner’s handbook will include all of that info. And, if the car manual is nowhere to be found, then don’t rev! We got you. You may check ones off which you’re able, experienced, and skillful in doing. Other than that, take it to the doctor (auto shop).

12,000 miles (every) – Replace pollen filter.

30,000 miles (every)/every 30 months

  • Check/Inspect
    – All drive belts. Adjust them if necessary.
    – All fluid levels
    – Cooling fan
    – Heating systems and AC
    – Exhaust
    – Heat shields
    – Radiator and cooling systems (including hoses)
    – Steering components and suspension
    – Brake system (includes brake pads, rotors, fluid, and any connections)
    – All engine mounts (including transmission).
    – Battery. Check its condition and tend to any kind of corrosion.
    – Wipers (and their connections)
    – Interior lighting, headlights, and taillights.
    – Wheel alignment
    – Tires for wear n’ tear
  • Replace
    – Drain plug washer
    – Transmission fluid
    – Brake fluid
    – Front/rear differential fluid
    – Air filter element
    – Fuel filter
    – Engine coolant
    – Spark plugs
  • Misc
    – Rotate tires
    – Lube all doors and hinges (as necessary)
    – Lube trunk and hood hatches (as necessary)

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