STi Gauge Pod Install How To Guide

STi Gauge Pod Install How to Guide

Oh, so your STi already has a gauge pod (Willy Wonka voice). Kidding aside, it’s great that you have a gauge pod, or two. But, having more than two wouldn’t hurt in this case. You can get a gauge pod that contains readouts for engine block and oil temperature, oil pressure, and more! With that said, why not go for a triple gauge pillar pod? Don’t feel intimidated by maximizing your STi’s readouts. If you don’t know how to install an STi triple gauge pod, or any gauge pod for that matter, then we got you. You will, however, need to meet us halfway with a tool kit! Make sure that your tool kit includes a flat head screwdriver, deep socket ratchet wrench, extensions, ½ and ⅛ drill bits, dremel (just ‘cause you never know) or something similar, pair of hardware gloves, and protective eyewear. Safety first! =)

We’ll be installing a triple gauge pillar pod by Glowshift for this installation guide. But, the steps that need to be taken to install that may be similar to those of any other STi gauge pod kit. Your aftermarket STi gauge pod should contain instructions. Refer to those if this guide is different than what said instructions dictate. This is a fairly easy installation. An STi gauge pod install is one of the easiest installations that you’ll ever have to do!

1. Ensure that the car’s turned off completely, with the key out of the ignition.

2. Disconnect the negative battery terminal.

3. Enter the car through the driver’s side to remove the stock pillar, which is secured by one bolt, which is protected by a tab! To access the bolt, use the flat head screwdriver to pop open the tab. Now, you can undo that sucker.

4. The pillar is retained by one or two clips. Unsnap them and carefully remove the pillar. Have the drill ready for the next step.

5. Drill two holes using the ½ drill bit into the stock pillar. It may be best to drill these holes at the top end of the stock pillar. Afterwards, use a dremel or something similar to smooth the edges of the holes you’ve just drilled. You’d get one nice big hole as a result. Double check the dremel work to make sure that the hole’s nice n’ smooth.

6. Take your new pillar and place it over the now previous pillar. Have both of them aligned and, using the drill and a ⅛ drill bit, drill in four holes to determine where the four install kit screws will go. If you wish, then try and see if a friend or someone can help hold the two pillars together while you drill. Install one screw at a time right after you drill the hole.

7. With the two pillars now mounted together, and hopefully a friend or extra pair of hands, take the assembly and install it to where the old pillar once was. Snap the old clips of the old pillar. Afterwards, undo two screws of the new gauge pod. Then, carefully pull it back to bolt the original one. Finally, replace the two screws of the new gauge pod, and voila!

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