2015 STi Performance Mods Guide

2015 STi Performance Mods_guide

So, you’re one of the people who are proud to have gotten their hands permanently on a 2015 STi. Good for you! Now, to take care of another concern; upgrading. As you may know, it’s optimal and best that you replace the guts of a newly bought car with aftermarket parts. Doing so would unlock the true potential of your 2015 STi. You don’t have to necessarily shell out a lot of cheddar for aftermarket automotive digs. As long as you invest a fair amount of time in shopping and comparing prices on upgrades, you’ll have your new ride upgraded in due time. Lets just say that you’ll be glad that you did your research.


The stock air intake only gets the job done, with limiting the amount of air to travel to the combustion chambers. With an aftermarket air intake, you’ll get a significant amount of more air via wider and larger intake pipe-age. This leads to increased power.


Same concept of a stock air intake applies to a stock exhaust. The bigger the pipeage, the more efficient gas emission is. An aftermarket exhaust would help increase power and torque.


It’s said that the stock ECU can be tuned to coordinate with both an intake and exhaust upgrade to meet upgrade demands. But, of course, an upgraded ECU would be even better. If you have extra money to spend or can simply afford it, then go with an upgraded ECU. Otherwise, get the stock ECU tuned in accordance with the upgraded intake and exhaust.


Stock downpipes are restricting on the exhaust flow and air. Unlike an upgraded downpipe, which increases exhaust flow and makes air more dense. This translates into increased engine power.

These are what should be the first things to upgrade for your 2015 STi. You’ll be glad that you did, in the end.

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