Top 5 STi Performance Mods


The intake is a vital component of your prized STi vehicle. This part is in charge of utilizing air to produce efficiency and power to your car. There are quite a few types of intakes. You have the warm air intake, which is geared to those who wish to be more economic on fuel. Then there’s the cold air intake and ram air intake. Both are designed to make your STi vehicle more efficient and powerful. Like most other parts, the intake must be monitored and tuned so that your STI ride can harvest the greatest amount of efficiency and power.

Cat-back Exhaust

A cat-back exhaust system is typically an aftermarket kit that includes your muffler and pipes which connect to the outer portion of the catalytic coverter to the muffler themselves to open air. It’s advised that you replace the stock exhaust system because they offer standard performance. While exhaust systems serve as the “lungs” of your STi car, stock exhaust systems produce little noise. A cat-back exhaust will make your STI ride roar as it breathes in large amounts of air and increases overall high performance.


top 5 sti performance mods

The downpipe can be a complex component of an STi, mainly because it’s true purpose shines when accompanied by a turbocharger engine. If your STi vehicle is already equipped with a turbocharger, then you may want to examine the current downpipe. Since the downpipe serves as a passageway for air to flow to the exhaust, it’s crucial that bends in the downpipe are minimal. Furthermore, the wider the downpipe, the more amount of air that can be carried to the exhaust. Your STi car can’t go wrong with an aftermarket downpipe.

Blow-off Valve

If your STi runs a turbocharger engine, then chances are your ride already has a blow-off valve. However, it’s always best to be safe than sorry. Monitor it closely and check for any kind of damages or sign of extreme wear. The BOV (blow-off valve) releases excess pressure into the surrounding atmosphere. Excess pressure originates from when you remove your fott off of the accelerator. If this excess pressure doesn’t get released out into the atmosphere, then other parts could suffer a considerable amount of damage. Get your BOV in check so that your STi car will continue performing optimally.

Boost Controller

A STi turbocharged vehicle, by default, may already be equipped with a boost controller. There are two other types of boost controllers: manual and electronic. Both boost controllers are responsible for drawing power to all wheels of your STi turbocharged ride. This is done by increasing the amount of energy transferred to the wheels via the turbine. Be wary of installing an aftermarket boost controller into a turbocharged STi that’s already well-tuned. Doing so may damage other parts of your ride. Understand your STi, and know what it needs, all the while having an exceedingly powerful ride.

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