Top 5 STi Exterior Mods


A badge, or emblem, is what represents your STi ride. Although it may not be the first thing that goes noticed, a badge/emblem is a symbol that helps recognize your prized possession. It may be considered as a forefront of any vehicle. Think of a car badge/emblem as a logo for a business. The badge/emblem of your STi may be just as important as the look and feel of the car itself.

Front Lip/Front Bumper

Some people think that the front lip bumper is just for aesthetics. Although it is aesthetic, a front lip bumper is more than just that. An STi would benefit significantly with one. The front lip bumper actually plays a part in aerodynamics, in a manner where air flow is controlled. Air flow control at the front of your STi helps promote balance for the entire vehicle. Thus, it’s vital that your STi ride is equipped with a front lip bumper. You can continue to ride the lightning, all the while being safe and in style.

Rear Diffuser

top 5 sti exterior mods

While you may’ve invested a lot of dollars into your STi to the point where it’s fast, stable, and decorative, it might be missing something else. You may have a front lip bumper, which helps with aerodynamics. However, that’s purposeful for when you’re traveling straight at fast speeds. What about those corners? A rear diffuser will help your STi cut corners faster and more efficiently by producing downforce. Respectively, a rear diffuser would be vital to your ride, assuming that it’s powerful.


Nowadays, a considerable amount of people disregard performance and focus on appearance when it comes to rims. There’s quite a bit more to rims than just aesthetics. For one thing, the weight of rims have an impact on your STi’s overall performance. Less weight on the rims means more horsepower for your STi. Also, the material that the rims are composed of play a vital role in affecting overall car performance. Brakes normally fade in time. Aluminum alloy rims would reduce brake-fading.

Side Skirts

Whenever someone gets a car, they may be pleased with the overall look at first. There’s always that chance in replacing the stock side skirts of the vehicle. Aftermarket side skirts can help complete your vision of a perfect STi. While they’re considered to be aesthetic, side skirts actually provide some protection against debris and other materials which your STi may catch along the way. This would be vital for your ride; dirt or debris have the potential of damaging parts.

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