Axle Back Exhaust Systems

An over-sized 3.5″ slash cut exhaust tips add an aggressive look to this impressive system. This ¬†PERRIN exhaust tips are a high polished, single wall construction and will not lose its color in extreme heat. These Performance mufflers have a true 3″ internal diameter for uninterrupted exhaust flow. The flange connections are 3″ throughout the entire length, not necked down, for ultra smooth transitions throughout the system. Made of stainless steel, inside and out, provides high corrosion resistance, and is excellent for extreme heat up to 1800 degrees. Other manufactures and OEMs, will use cheaper 409 stainless steel which will rust and corrode over time but the added expense of 304 stainless steel is well worth the beautiful and long lasting high polish, and durability.

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