What Is The Best STi Turbo Upgrade?

STis are known to emphasise on performance, endurance, and quality. Most performance car owners change out stock parts for aftermarket parts. Even performance car enthusiasts and experts would advise that performance cars get “aftermarketed.” This is because stock parts offer standard efficiency and performance. Aftermarket parts provide much more sustainability, consistent power, durability, performance, and efficiency. With that said, it’s advisable that the stock turbo gets upgraded with an aftermarket turbo. STi’s, by default, run on a turbocharger. There are turbo upgrades available for STis. However, there are certain upgrades that cater to certain year models and layouts.

2002-2007 STi

The AMS Suburu STi/WRX Rotated Mount HTA3586 V-Band Turbo Kit (AMS-STi-4006) for a 2002-2007 may be very expensive, but offers up to 650 horsepower and is stainless steel. Any road racer or drag racer would be paying for what they get. In this case, price for extreme overall power and performance. Horsepower is vital when it comes to performance cars and upgrading your turbo. The more the horsepower, the faster rate at which a car operates. For those who can’t shell out the extra two grand, there’s the Ultimate Racing T3/T04E Turbo Kit (UR20700). This one’s for a 2004-2007 and is capable of providing 500 horsepower at most.

best STi turbo upgrade2004+ STi

As you may know, stainless steel products are very convenient to have; they’re easy to clean. Whether turbo upgrades are stainless steel or not, they are designed to bring out your ride’s fullest potential. The AMS Turbo Tuner Kit for a 2004-2008 and over is not a turbo upgrade per se, but rather a turbocharger engine tune-up. However, a tuner kit will upgrade your current STi turbocharger. One very important thing when it comes to upgrading your turbo is exhaust flow. Exhaust flow may refer to the down pipe, which is attached to the catalytic converter. The larger the down pipe, the greater the exhaust flow, which means greater power for the engine.

The AMS Turbo Tuner Kit is about increasing your STi’s exhaust flow. The Tomioka Racing TD02-18G Turbo is proof that there are fairly affordable and considerably beneficial turbo upgrades out there on the market. The Tomioka Racing TD02-18G Turbo offers up to 400 horsepower and is a good aftermarket turbo for strictly a 2004-2008. Great for street racing cars!

There are turbo upgrades available at all kinds of prices and for all year models. Keep in mind the years which turbo upgrades specifically state are designated to. For instance, the Tomioka Racing TD02-18G Turbo only caters to 2004-2008, but not any STi year models.

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