Tomioka Racing Street Coilovers STi Will Heighten Your Game

tomioka racing street coilovers Once your 2008-2011 STi goes on the streets, you want it to be high in performance and possibly appeal. Having coilovers is a basic component of your car. However, you don’t want just basic coilovers. As you know, the general rule of thumb is to buy aftermarket parts for your 2008-2011 STi.

Tomioka Racing Street Coilovers are surely an upgrade to stock coilovers. In turn, you’ll have further adjusting options available for your 2008-2011 STi. Thus, increasing performance and aesthetics.

The Tomioka Racing Street Coilovers is 15-level rebound adjustable, which allows for technical and noticeable adjustments.


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