Tomioka Racing Race Coilovers Coil Versatile Drivers

tomioka racing race coiloversTomioka Racing has been in the aftermarket business since 2006. The company has dealers established in all over the country. This includes foreign countries. Tomioka Racing presently has street coilovers that are specifically designed for “street” cars.

Before Tomioka Racing Race Coilovers, coilovers were geared towards just racers. Tomioka Racing Race Coilovers cater to both the racer and casual type driver, offering a wide range of height adjustments for your 2008-2011 STi. Thus, making your ride become more versatile than ever.

Tomioka Racing Race Coilovers are top-of-the-line coilovers for a 2008-2011 STi.


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