Time Warp Through Races With The Tomioka Racing TD05-20G Turbocharger STi

tomioka racing TD05-20G turbocharger 2004-2012 STiYou may be at least somewhat familiar with the Tomioka Racing TD05-18G Turbocharger from browsing stimods.com. Or if you’re a fan of Tomioka’s products, then you might’ve heard that there’s a Tomioka Racing TD05-20G Turbocharger out on the market.

The Tomioka Racing TD05 Turbocharger still caters to 2004-2012 STi. The only difference between the Tomioka Racing TD05-18G Turbocharger and the Tomioka Racing TD05-20G Turbocharger is the TD05-20G has a higher max horsepower capacity. Respectively, the compressor inlet and turbine housing are both larger.

Have your 2004-2012 STi  live up to the fullest horsepower potential possible with the

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