Hood Scoop Fins

Hood Scoop Fins are the perfect, high performance system for maximum horsepower gains. Hood Scoop Fins redirect and increase the amount of incoming air through your hood scoop while straightening the airflow and reducing air turbulence. Hood Scoop Fins significantly increase the airflow to your stock or aftermarket intercooler providing a high velocity air charge which lowers the temperature of your intercooler and engine bay.

Engineered and machined from lightweight aluminum alloy, Hood Scoop Fins are then powder coated with the highest quality, satin black finish. Powder coating provides long-term durability in the most demanding and harshest of conditions. Hood Scoop Fins can easily be painted with minimal surface preparation.

Performance with style, Scoop Fins transform the appearance of your WRX/STi as they flow with the curves of your hood line presenting an aggressive look.
Hood Scoop Fins Deliver on Performance

• Capture and redirect more incoming air through your hood scoop which significantly improves air flow to your intercooler
• Lower the outlet temperature of your stock or aftermarket intercooler, enabling more aggressive tuning
• Reduce the overall temperature of your engine bay
• Reduce the air temperature to your cold air intake
• Increase the detonation threshold
• Mitigate intercooler heat soak
Designed for Durability and Easy Installation
• Machined from 1/4 inch aluminum alloy
• Satin black, powder coated finish
• Hood Scoop Fins can easily be painted with minimal surface preparation
• Factory-like (OEM) fitment with your stock hood scoop
• All mounting hardware included with extras
• Detailed installation guide
• Made in USA


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