Fill Your Oil To The Brim With a Mishimoto Limited Edition Subaru Oil Filler Cap STi

mishimoto limited edition subaru oil filler capAs car technology grows, new ways of modifying cars arise. This especially applies to Subaru WRX/STis. Car modifiers are gradually becoming more noticed in public. One popular type of modification that you may be aware of, and see often, is the undercarriage lights modification.

Get a load of oil on this! Mishimoto has an aesthetic oil filler cap for your Subaru WRX/STi. The Mishimoto Limited Edition Oil Filler Cap caters to the old and new of Subarus. Currently, it comes in two colors: neon pink and gold. Remember to keep your current one in case you decide to revert back to originality or interchange.

Besides the Mishimoto Limited Edition Oil Filler Cap adding some style and uniqueness to your ride, it ensures that the oil’s tight and secure.

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