Buy Your Baby A New Skirt Made From Forceworkz STi

forcewerkz carbon fiber jdm side skirts 2008-2013 WRX/STiWhile stock side skirts help other parts of the exterior of your 2008-2013 WRX/STi match with one another, you may decide to change it out for aftermarket side skirts.

Forceworkz has your 2008-2013 WRX or STi’s side with Forceworkz Carbon Fiber JDM Style Side Skirts. These side skirts by Forceworkz are for both WRX and STi sedans and hatchbacks. Not only are Forceworkz Carbon Fiber JDM Style Side Skirts aesthetically pleasing, they also provide protection against dirt and debris.

As you’re rolling with your 2008-2013 WRX/STi, debris and debris can be caught underneath your ride. Anything that’s caught underneath can travel further into the interior and possibly damage parts.


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